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How to Develop an All-Star Marketing Strategy

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How to Develop an All-Star Marketing Strategy For Financial Advisors

Build a Brand That Creates Trust Through Our 3-Part Course

With over 8 years in business helping financial advisors like you, we know what works—and what doesn’t—when it comes to marketing. Discover how to tailor your services to better meet the needs of your clients. Better client satisfaction and increased retention lead to growing your business through referrals. Create effective and targeted marketing strategies to attract more A+ clients!

There’s a better way, and it works!

It’s easy to fall for marketing promises of instant results. We know that effective marketing strategies take time; just like you get to know your clients to tailor their financial plans, we tailor your marketing strategy based on who you are—and your ideal clients.

Are you tired of spending valuable time with clients that don’t appreciate or recognize your worth? We can help you hone your messaging so you’re attracting the RIGHT clients.

Ready to stop wasting time on DIY marketing that just isn't working?

Tired of generic marketing strategies that don’t yield results? We want more for you!

What if we told you Indigo Marketing Agency can turn your marketing around to produce measurable results?

Our 3-part course, How to Develop an All-Star Marketing Strategy, has everything you need to transform your marketing from ho-hum to heck yes! No more cookie-cutter “solutions,” just reliable, actionable, and time-tested steps.

Transformative marketing done right!

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Build a Brand That Creates Trust

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Too many financial advisors ignore keywords and search engine optimization. We can help you optimize your website and content to appear higher in search engine results pages through targeted keywords and phrases. This means you’ll attract and engage high-quality prospects and grow your business through organic website traffic. Build trust and credibility with your target audience to become their GO-TO RESOURCE.

Learn How to Refine Your Online Presence

All-Star Marketing Course

Embrace a Niche to Create Trust

Learn how financial advisors can differentiate themselves and create a reputation as experts in their field. Build a radically relevant message, charge a premium for services, and attract high-quality referrals.

Boost Online Presence

Visibility and authority are key when building online credibility for financial advisors. Your entire online presence should be optimized, from your website structure and back-end tools to your content, links, and local SEO.

Deploy Original Blogs & Videos

Consistent, high-quality content is the bread and butter of an effective marketing strategy. Keep prospects engaged with informative and consistent content that adds value to your existing client relationships and improves referability.

This course was designed to help you build trust with clients, refine your online presence, and grow your business. We can’t wait to hear how your business booms.

Ditch the Generic.

Do What Works.

"Indigo helps us focus on financial planning for our clients."



"They are super easy to work with and they've been a great partner."



"We don't have to be worried about anything."



The Results

What Our Clients Are Saying

We need partners in our business—especially partners who specialize in areas we don’t. Indigo is really good about bringing ideas back to us for how can enhance our message. It’s this collaborative effort that we find the most valuable.


Richard Riva

Wealth Management Solutions

Minutes add up to hours and hours add up to days. Indigo has given me my time back by shifting marketing onto their plate. It helps me free up my time for what I want to do.


Trent Derrick

Legacy Wealth Management

Indigo makes our lives easier by coaching us through all facets of marketing. They understand and help highlight our differentiating factors to clients and prospects, overall improving our messaging. We want to be the trusted point person to help shape our clients’ financial solutions, and we consider Indigo to be our trusted resource for our marketing solutions.


Kevin Boutwell

Veracity Capital

I originally hired Indigo Marketing Agency because I needed a turn-key marketing program that would help me build my digital presence. And that’s exactly what Indigo does. They take care of all my social media and digital marketing, which, in turn, frees up my time and energy to focus on providing personal service to my clients. If you’re an LPL advisor considering Indigo, my advice is to commit to it. You can’t afford not to do it!


Antonio Porretta

Blackbridge Financial

Working with Indigo is probably the best thing we’ve done for our marketing in 2 to 3 years. Their package is certainly the best value for our dollar of any marketing strategy we’ve tried. The Indigo team has taken all the heavy lifting off our plant. We are thrilled with their work!


Donald Albach

Millstone Financial Group

Every time we send out an email, we get a few new leads. One business owner sent me an email to set up an appointment to review his 401(k) and another acquaintance requested a phone call after seeing my posts on Facebook. This afternoon, I received an email from a lawyer looking to set up a retirement plan for their law firm. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but last month I had the best month in my career, so I am looking forward to the future.


Kevin Brown

Gateway Financial Advisors

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