• Solid Foundation:

    Gain a proven road map for your business, income, and impact with our proven strategies. Avoid wasting valuable time on ineffective methods.

  • Convert Leads to Clients:

    Equip yourself and your team with essential skills and tools to attract high-net-worth clients, boost brand visibility, and optimize your marketing efforts.

  • Get Attention:

    Leverage search-optimized monthly blog and social media content to expand your reach and position yourself as an expert.

IndiGO Advisor Club Membership Includes

Marketing Foundations

Stop wasting years (not to mention energy and money!) on marketing techniques that don’t work. If your referral pipeline is running dry, take control today to rejuvenate your business:

Attract A+ Clients: Monthly Content

* 2 new template blog articles monthly 

* Easily download, white label to your firm, and deploy.

* Updated monthly

* Monthly access to tried-and-true template articles to send to clients, leads, and referral sources

Expand Reach and Boost Social Presence: Monthly Social Media Calendar

* Downloadable template calendar 

* Updated monthly

* 2 posts per week, with 1 monthly suggestion of personalized post ideas

Marketing Setup for Beginners

* A checklist and instructions on everything you need to get started with your marketing efforts 

Education: Exclusive Access to Courses on Strategy and Sales

* Strategy course designed for financial advisors to elevate their business’s marketing

* Focuses on attracting high-net-worth clients, boosting brand visibility, and optimizing marketing efforts

* Equips you and your team with essential marketing skills and strategies

* Provides comprehensive guides and worksheets to support learning and implementation

Nurture Prospects & Clients: Email Sequence Templates

* Welcome series (3)

* Downloadable guides

Lead Conversion: E-Guides

* 2 annual white-labeled e-guides (e.g., Retirement Planning Guide, Tax Planning Report, Investment Portfolio Analysis, Estate Planning Handbook, Financial Wellness Toolkit) 

* These resources can be added to your website as gated content, attracting more leads and increasing conversions by offering valuable insights.

Exclusive Benefits

Members also gain access to the following exclusive benefits:

Webinar Library

* All top webinars

* Industry leader interviews with actionable ideas to increase AUM


*In-depth training courses that we typically charge per course will be free to our membership clients. 

*Topics include strategies related to how to convert prospects into clients and maximizing the lead-generating potential of LinkedIn and social media.

*Regularly updated to stay timely

Monthly Live Coaching Calls

*Each month you’ll discover cutting-edge tips and strategies through new content or an expert in the industry sharing their expertise in marketing, sales, and a variety of other topics. 

*Sometimes you just need to talk to someone in real-time. That’s why we offer monthly calls to answer questions, troubleshoot, and help you overcome obstacles to level up like never before. 

Access to Our Private Forum of Advisors

* Share a tip. Ask a question. Showcase a success story. This is the place to connect with our network of other advisor members. Think of it as your safe space to talk shop.

Indigo Advisor Club Membership Pricing

Indigo Advisor Club


No Contract

Why Should A Client Choose You Over The Advisor Down The Street?

Advisors are constantly grappling with the challenge of standing out in the crowd. From building trust to communicating their expertise effectively, it's like navigating a maze of competition. And to top it off, staying ahead means juggling the ever-changing trends and rules of the game.

Seal the Deal Effortlessly with:

  • Getting a plan in place that works!

  • Streamlined success for efficiency.

  • Proven techniques for distinctive service.

  • Personalized support in crafting a unique value proposition.

  • Expert positioning through content.

  • Building trust and brand recognition.

  • Team empowerment for effective marketing.

  • Enhanced sales process overcoming fee conversations and repairing broken sales funnels.

Looking for a more comprehensive, done-for-you marketing strategy?

Check out our Total Marketing Package here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting any new membership can bring lots of questions and cautious excitement. We know you’re ready to see real results, so let us take marketing off your plate for good. 

Read some of our frequently asked questions to learn more about what’s included in our Indigo Advisor Club membership. If you still have questions, schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced marketing strategists. We’d love to hear from you!

Who should get this membership?

  • Specifically crafted to assist busy advisors in applying fundamental marketing strategies. 

  • Advisors seeking to enhance SEO, online visibility, client nurturing, and attracting ideal prospects.

  • Especially beneficial for Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and financial advisors just starting out, managing revenue under $250K, adding additional content, or seeking to reduce their marketing expenses during market fluctuations.

Am I locked into a contract with the Indigo Advisor Club?

There are no contracts or commitments required to sign up for the Indigo Advisor Club membership. You can cancel at any time and you retain ownership of all the content we’ve produced for you. Cancellations require a 30-day notice.

What if I’m looking for even more customization?

If you’re looking for a completely done-for-you marketing strategy, our Total Marketing Package is the perfect fit. Check it out here for all the details.

What if I don’t need a portion of the membership? Can I get a discount?

There are no discounts available for this membership.

Can you make updates on my website for me?

Website updates are not a part of the membership. If you’re interested in more services, you can always reach out to the Indigo team here.

Can I add more articles to my package?

The membership only includes two articles per month. If you’re interested in more articles, please reach out to the Indigo team here.

Does the package include videos?

The membership does not include videos. If you’re interested in adding video content to your marketing strategy, please reach out to the Indigo team here.

Still Have Questions?

We’ve got answers! Schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced marketing strategists. We would love to hear from you!

Let Your Marketing Membership Do the Work!

Let our team grow your business with our tried-and-true content solutions, delivered through your exclusive Indigo Advisor Club benefits. Schedule your free strategy call today!

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